This treatment works amazing as the tissues of the body easily absorb light, different tissues absorb different wavelengths of light. When absorbed the specific wavelengths stimulates the body’s own repair and regenerative mechanism.

The LED therapy has numerous benefits depending above the wavelength selected:
 Increased skin radiance
 Promotes collagen production for plumper more youthful skin
 May reduce sebum by normalising the skin there y helping control acne breakout
 More consistent skin coloration and complexion
 Calcium supplementation, dw hydro cholesterol a sterol found in the skin which when properly irradiated by ultraviolet rays forms vitamin D
 Stimulates cell activity and cell renewal and more

The LED therapy has numerous benefits depending above the wavelength selected:

🔴 Red Bioactive Light with 625 nm wavelength Photo Rejuvenation treatment is recommended for mature skin for an anti-aging treatment, for devitalised or damaged skin for rejuvenation and repair, helps stimulates collagen and elastin production .

🔵 Blue Light of 415 nm wavelength is recommended for Acne and Anti-inflammatory treatments and helps to treat current active acne, it calms and soothes sebaceous glands and is anti -bacterial.

🟢 Green with a wavelength of 520 nm to balance the proportion of water and oil, effectively relieve mental tension, dredge lymph and edema.

🔵 Cyan Colour light with a wavelength of 520 nm to enhance energy of new cells and balance secretion, calm the skin and control oil.

🟡 Yellow Colour Light which is a special treatment of 590 nm wavelength to improve the exchange of cell oxygen to skin cells and replenish energy, decomposition of pigment and promote lymphatic detoxification and improve skin roughness and wrinkles.

🟣 Purple Colour Light which is red & blue light which can promote the growth of skin cells .

This treatment can be a standalone treatment or can be added on to a treatment for (+£10) ✨

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