This is our number 1 skin rejuvenation treatment. The results from this therapy are truly remarkable and a must if you have problematic skin, overactive oil production and generally oily blocked skin then this true skin rejuvenation treatment is the go to therapy. It targets blocked pores, comodones, spots, as well as 1st and 2nd stage Acne. This may also be used for pigmentation and hyperkeratosis. In the UK this product can be used all year round with caution (please seek advice before using in summer) on the Face and Back. Key Ingredients: Algae Spirulina Hydrogen Peroxide Perfluodelicine

Rehydration Treatment (To be done 7 to 10 days after first peel) : A brightening hydrating vitamin facial for tired, dehydrated and stressed skin. Ideal for clients living in polluted cities that need oxygen supplemented into their skin to make it glow. Key Ingredients Goji Berries Vit A, C & E Perfodeciline

Treatment can be bought as a singular treatment or a course of 3 or 4. Please choose which one you’d like. Please choose accordingly, once you purchase please contact me on [email protected] to arrange a booking. Thank you

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